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Our Story


The big problem

Cancer has a way of finding our loved ones and changing everything, once and for all.


2 people

Having lost people close to us to cancer, we came together at MIT to do something about it.


Understanding the problem

We began by understanding the problem through talking and conducting surveys.


Building a solution

We set off to build an intelligent treatment matching algrithm with a basic user interface.



We listened to feedback from patients and doctors.


Change is the only constant

We understand that treatments are constantly evolving. We need to keep up-to-date.

Our Service

Here is how it works.


Help us understand your condition by answering some questions about your diagnosis.


Within a minute, our system of intelligent algorithms and veteran doctors present a list of treatments that fit your conditions best.


Consult a doctor on our platform or in a clinic near you to decide on the treatment you should proceed with.

Meet our team

Marc is an optimistic, passionate, creative and non-conformist engineer with vast experience in Int. project management and a strong commitment to improve global healthcare.

With an immutable passion to improve healthcare around the world through technology, Srivatsa is constantly seeking ways to integrate AI into healthcare. He has more than 2 years of experience in working with technology infrastructure of hospitals.

Dr. Natalia Eres

Advisor (Precision Medicine)

Founder of 3 integrative oncology clinics, Natalia is one of the Scientific Global Coordinator in Mens Apertis Cancer Research, a platform created to develop preclinical and clinical trials in integrative oncology.

Joan Bigorra

Advisor (Health Innovation & Pharma)

Joan has a vast experience in R&D and Pharma Industry as Managing Director of the Fundació Clínic for Biomedical Research, General Manager of Novartis Pharma Spain, Medical Director and Head of R&D of Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim and Sandoz Pharma.

Dr. Pere Gascon

Advisor (Oncology)

Pere is a professor at the University of Barcelona and coordinator of L’Oncologia Clinica and Coordinator Scientist of the Clinical Institute of Hemato-Oncological Diseases (ICMHO) of the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona.

Dr. Thomas Deisboeck

Advisor (Digital Healthcare)

Tom is an Associate Professor in Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He is also the Managing Director of ThinkMotu, an innovation strategy consulting firm for healthcare and life sciences.

Latest News

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Moebio, July 2019

Marc: After my wide died, I decided to trade the automotive industry for healthcare to help cancer patients.

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Cedem, July 2019

CEDEM Manresa interviews Marc Rafat CEO of HealthQuay

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Gest, June 2019

HealthQuay selected as best entrepreneurial initiative by Gest

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Biocat, July 2019

Marc's Interview at Biocat Startup Generation

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Pirate Summit, June 2019

HealthQuay selected to compete at the Pirate Sumit Pitch at the Plank

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Onco Forum, June 2018

HealthQuay was selected as a finalist for the tech transfer competition at the Onco Emergence Forum Tech Transfer Competition

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Let's fight cancer together

If you are a healthcare institution, cancer association, or someone who wants to know more, reach out to us.